With this service we provide for customers with “Voice over IP” systems, it is aimed to identify vulnerabilities on related systems by simulating the attacks that may come over VOIP.

Some of our test steps:

  • CallerID spoofing
  • Capturing SIP Authentication
  • Update Voice Mail Attacks
  • Vulnerabilities of the services on the other open ports
  • VLAN hopping from data network to voice network
  • Extension Enumeration & Number Harvesting
  • Eavesdropping Calls
  • Signaling Manipulation
  • Identification of insecure services
  • Testing for Default Credentials
  • Phone Firmware Analysis
  • Application level vulnerabilities
  • RTP injection
  • Bruteforcing attacks

If you would like to find out how Social Engineering Scenario Service can be beneficial for your company or more information about our service, please contact our security experts to get a free quick consultation.