Our fully managed SIEM as a Service provides comprehensive optimisation from our experienced and dedicated SIEM consulting team to maximise your coverage, highlighting only the relevant exceptions.

As part of the on-boarding engagement we walk through an incident categorisation and escalation process tailored to your environment to ensure alerting is set at the right level for your organisation:

  • AM(Active Monitoring) – Using the processing engines to gain real-time insights into the activities of your on-site and hosted services overall security posture to alert on confirmed issues
  • SR(Summary Reporting) – In addition to real-time anomaly detection and alerting an automated summary report at a schedule to meet your internal reporting needs is produced and securely delivered to your team
  • TA(Trending Analysis) – Trending through your collated data to highlight areas of potential future vulnerability or specific weaknesses that need to be addressed
  • RR(Regular Reviews) – Combining your organisation’s reporting data and measuring your ability to react to threats that you have been exposed to enhance the service, at a schedule that works for you
  • TI(Threat Intelligence) – Feeding back industry wide trending information and emerging threat analysis to proactively bolster areas liable to increased exposure

The overall objective of our SIEM as a Service offering is to take a deeply technical and complex set of analysis tools to produce tangible, business relevant actionable outputs.

If you would like to know how SIEM/SOC Consultancy service can be beneficial for your company or more information about our service, please contact our security experts to get a free quick consultation.