To improve the security level of a linux system, we take different types of measures. This could be the removal of an existing system service, update some current configuration or uninstall some excist software and components.

Linux system hardening is the process of doing the ‘right’ things for the security. The goal is to enhance the security level of the system. There are many aspects to securing a system properly. Yet, the basics are similar for most operating systems. So the system hardening process for Linux desktop and servers is that that special.

Our some of linux hardening steps:

  • Checking security updates and patches
  • Checking password policies
  • Checking hash algorithms
  • Checking bind processes to localhost
  • Firewall status check, if it needs implementation
  • Cleaning service
  • Checking all security configurations
  • Access limitation controls
  • System monitoring, logging controls
  • Checking backup policies
  • Performing full system auditing

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